Your First Pelvic Exam

How do you get through your first pelvic exam?

The first thing is to realize that everyone is nervous at a pelvic exam.  So a few days before your visit, begin touching the outside of the vagina while bathing.  This will help desensitize that area.  Use a mirror to help locate the vaginal opening.  The vaginal opening is the middle opening below the urethra, where the urine comes out, and above the anus.  Insert your clean finger or a small tampon slowly into the opening, stopping several times after a few seconds to get used to the sensation before proceeding further.

All of the nerve endings are just at the vaginal opening.  Once you get past that point, there is little sensation inside the vaginal canal. You won’t feel the finger or tampon inside the walls of the vagina.  You can place your finger gently all the way inside until you reach something that feels like the tip of your nose.  This is the cervix.  You won’t hurt or damage yourself.

So if you practice this a couple of times a day for a few days before your first pelvic exam, you will be much more comfortable and at ease and get through the few-minutes procedure with little trouble.