Ovarian Cysts

How do you treat an ovarian cyst?

Most simple cysts are just small fluid containing pockets in the ovary and given enough time, usually a few weeks, will disappear.  So usually we can wait and allow the body to heal the ovary on its own.

You can take NSAID pain meds such as Aleve, or Ibuprofen, and sometimes a pain medication with a narcotic.  Estrogen and progesterone pills, oral contraceptive pills, also can help speed the disappearance of a simple cyst.

A sonogram is useful to check on the cyst and make sure it is getting smaller or to make sure it has completely vanished.

Occasionally because the cyst is getting larger, or not disappearing, surgery may be required to remove the cyst and repair the ovary.  The doctor usually will insert a lighted tube, a laparoscope through the belly button to get a close-up look at the problem.  The doctor may be able to repair the ovary through 2 or 3 band-aid size small incisions in the abdomen.  It may be necessary to make a larger incision to go in and treat the problem.

If the cyst has debris or solid parts as well, the doctor may recommend surgery to remove it and send the specimen to the laboratory to be checked for any abnormal type of growth.